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The ONSITE Group provides various commercial construction services for all project types. Whether you need construction work inside the building or outside, we handle it all and we do it right!

Too often, you find quality but the price is too high. Or you find value, but the contractor lacks the experience you need. 

If you’ve discovered these problems, you’re in the right place. Our team takes great pride in being able to offer the right combination of quality and experience, at a fantastic value. And that combination is just the start of what you’ll enjoy with ONSITE.



We work for you, and we work with you. That means you can rely on having an experienced, capable contractor on the job, working

hard to meet your needs. We can customize any project to fit your requirements, or our team can design it for you, while you simply enjoy the results.

We are here because our customers have put their trust in us. We give our customers and their teams the best possible service with

honesty, professionalism and responsiveness. We strive to make each project a great experience above and beyond our customer's


If at any point you have questions or concerns, rest assured every member of our team is committed to maintaining open lines of communication. They’ll take the time necessary to help you understand what we’re doing now and what lies ahead. Your complete confidence is our goal.

Just Finished! - Sheraton Palo Alto

 You stepped in to a very complicated scope of work, with very little front end documentation (architectural drawings), that had unending unforeseen conditions, in a live hotel environment, and pulled it off delivering a very high caliber product"

- Kress F. 

ONSITE in Action

"Your Group of Professional ONSITE Contractors"